Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Tell If It's a Boy or a Girl

For a couple of months the family has been waiting to learn if the fifth grandchild will be a boy or a girl.  This will be my son's, Paxton and his wife's, Courtney, first child.  The baby is due September 29, so we had to wait at least until the 15th week of gestation.  

So Saturday Paxton and Courtney had a very unique way of letting us know the baby's gender.

First they gave each of us an egg.
Each egg contained the same clue.

                   Paxton      Courtney  ?A Baby Boy!!!

They have decided to name him Jack Michael.


  1. For a minute there I though Paxton and Courtney were chickens:) Jack Michael is a wonderful name. How exciting for all of you!

  2. A fun post, but I still prefer not knowing the sex of the baby until it arrives. I guess I'm just old fashioned that way. But a cool name!

  3. I thought I was going to read about how the egg sits after turning. One way indicates boy and another girl. I forget how it actually goes.

  4. How adorable. Love the names ~ I have a Jack and a Michael :)

    1. Thanks for commenting on my post. Jack is Paxton's grandfather and Michael is Courtney's. But I have always like the name Jack. It's just not common now.

  5. Charlotte, What a sweet post. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. I love your header at the top. I have always wanted to have an urban farm too with chickens and a goat and my own bee hive. I have always wanted to sell organic goodies at the farmer's market, but then I remember I barely have time to grow tomatoes in the summer.

  6. Oh.. that's so exciting!!! Lovely post :) Heartiest congratulations to you and your family for the new arrival :)